The Future of Custom Packaging

future of custom packaging

As more companies opt to ship their products directly to customers, the way packaging is presented has become much more important. You have to put effort into your presentation even without traditional store shelves to market your products. As you work to stay competitive in your industry, it’s important to focus on improving the customer experience.

Customers notice the aesthetic appeal of a new product, the speed of deliveries and how engaging their shopping and unboxing experience is. Read on to learn how to appeal to your customers with new technology and other information about the future of custom packaging.

The History of Custom Boxes

Custom cardboard packaging has been used for over a century, with the first cardboard box produced in England in 1817. Shipping cartons with corrugated paperboard entered the packaging industry around 1900 and stayed popular through the 20th century. The design is so versatile and useful that it has remained relevant today.

Cardboard containers can be used for food and beverages, storage, moving and deliveries. Because it can contain such a variety of products, cardboard was developed further to enhance its durability while maintaining its fundamental design. Today’s cardboard varies from corrugated sheets to paperboard.

You can use custom cardboard boxes for many different purposes, including safely transporting products to customers, but it’s important to choose the right kind. In recent years, custom sizing has exploded in popularity for shipping boxes and product containers. With more stores selling their products online, many customers who purchase items from a website never enter a physical location. If you want to convert to custom boxes because of how popular they are, make sure you check the recent delivery requirements.

Eco-friendly solutions have become the future of packaging. They have been especially popular with consumers in the last decade, which has lowered the demand for nonrecyclable packaging and renewed the interest in cardboard. Innovative new technologies have allowed for increased production and reduced manufacturing costs for green options.

The Benefits of Following Custom Packaging Trends

Custom packaging provides plenty of benefits on its own, but the future of the packaging industry will bring more innovative solutions for affordable shipping solutions. You can order the best size for your products and use fewer packing materials for shock absorption. Following the recent industry trends can give your company an edge by providing more benefits, such as:

  • Smarter environmental choices: Using eco-friendly packaging, a popular recent trend, is better for the environment than alternatives.
  • A desirable brand image: You will draw in new customers, and your existing customers will recognize your effort to make positive changes.
  • Saved funding: Current trends might help make your packaging affordable, allowing you to save on material and transportation costs.
  • Quicker deliveries: With the prevalence of online marketing and sales, packaging is easier to get when you need it, which can speed deliveries and operations.
  • A better experience for customers: Customers want to get their products quickly after shopping online. Brick-and-mortar locations are still valuable, but allowing online ordering can keep their doors open and encourage more satisfied customers.

Below are the current trends for custom packaging that are sure to continue:

1. Eco-Friendly Materials and Designs

As solving the plastic problem is more vital than ever, more companies strive to make environmentally friendly choices. As we work to clear the ocean of plastic particles and other inorganic wastes, many businesses have decided to implement affordable, eco-friendly materials in their packaging.

Many consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and packaging. Eco-conscious consumers will pay a premium for products with a green message. Eco-friendly packaging materials are often cost-effective, even without charging customers extra. Wasteful packaging is sure to deter some customers, get poor reviews and possibly lower your business’s reputation or quality.

If you must use plastics, look for a material substitute for petroleum-based polymers and other plastic products. Recyclable bioplastics are an eco-friendly alternative, but these options are also made from plastic and have their flaws. Other alternatives are more creative, like biodegradable films made from milk proteins and biodegradable fungus packaging that takes less energy to produce.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) Promotions

As AR becomes increasingly popular for entertainment purposes, more companies incorporate it for marketing purposes. Many sellers print QR codes on their packaging that will take customers to the main website, media channel, installation instructions or to a download for a product or app compatible with the product. QR codes are easy to print on boxes, and they reduce the need for inserts and other instructional materials.

AR is economical because you can update your website, app or game without changing the QR code or redesigning your packaging. AR campaigns can be highly creative. AR is a simple way to engage customers’ attention using methods they have come to expect.

You might use AR to:

  • Instruct the customer on how to put a product together with assembly directions or show the customer how to use the product.
  • Provide nutritional information for food and beverage products.
  • Include interactive content so the consumer can engage with the product or company through a game or contest.

3. Convenient Services

Convenience culture focuses on meeting customers’ needs, and in recent years, it has been redefined to include improving employees’ working conditions, implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing and offering reliable, ethical services. Offering a high-quality delivery service is one way you can strengthen your business relationship with customers. As you work to make customers happy and convert them into regular buyers, you can make your services more convenient in the following ways:

  • Allow customers to order online: If your business is currently unable to make deliveries, consider acquiring this service to enhance your operations. With an online ordering system, you will have a wider reach. Customers who live far from a physical location will be able to obtain your products easily.
  • Hire efficient service: Consumers continue to value convenient online shopping services and speedy deliveries. Hiring a third-party delivery service will increase the number of workers who can make deliveries while also giving you more control over the process than you would have if using a universal service.
  • Select packaging of quality: When you make a lot of deliveries for online orders, it’s important to have durable, high-quality packaging. You can enhance the quality of your product deliveries with custom packaging designed to fit the items securely and protect your goods from damage.

Order Modern Packaging With Custom Boxes Now

We can help with your packaging whether your company is ready to modernize its current shipping practices or is just getting started in the online retail market. Custom Boxes Now manufactures and produces eco-friendly packaging for a variety of products. Contact us to learn more about our services.