Exploring Your Options in the Custom Mailer Marketplace

The ideal packaging for your product will protect it against damage in transit to your customers while allowing you to deliver your marketing message at every step along the way. Designing and creating custom mailers for your products will ensure that your items make it safely from factory floor to your customer’s door. Understanding your options in the custom mailer marketplace can help you decide on the right packaging solutions for your company’s products. How do you know if you should opt for an envelope versus a box? We break it down for you here.

Available in a wide array of configurations, envelopes are typically used for small, lightweight objects. Padded envelopes can offer a little more protection against crushing and impacts, but these packaging solutions are best reserved for durable items that can stand up to the rough handling commonly encountered in the shipping industry. Books, games and other flat items are generally suitable for shipping in a padded envelope; breakable or irregularly shaped products typically are not. Adding graphic designs to your custom mailers can provide even more visibility for your company and your brand name.

Cardboard boxes can be constructed to your precise specifications to perfectly fit your products and to ensure their safety while they make their way to their intended destinations.

Like envelopes, printed boxes can also showcase your company to support your branding and marketing efforts and to build your visibility in the consumer marketplace. Corrugated cardboard is tough, durable and can be printed to your specifications, making it an ideal choice for items that need a little extra protection on their way to your customers. Practical and versatile, cardboard boxes offer your company a chance to demonstrate your creativity and marketing savvy not only in the graphic designs you choose for these containers, but also in the configurations selected for the boxes themselves.

In some cases, standard boxes and padded envelopes may not suit the needs of your company. Working with an experienced company to create unique shipping solutions that conform to the shape of your product can provide optimal protection while allowing your shipments to stand out from the crowd and get noticed on the way to their destinations. By opting for custom mailers, your company can also appeal to a very specific target audience:

  • Biodegradable and minimalist shipping solutions are perfect for green-friendly products and customers
  • Avant-garde packaging can attract the attention of artists and aesthetically inclined consumers

Custom shipping and packaging containers can help you put your best foot forward in the competitive marketplace. By working with an established and professional packaging company, you can ensure the most durable construction and attractive designs for your custom mailers, envelopes and boxes.