Custom Wine Boxes Making a Big Splash with Consumers

More and more we’re seeing small and large vintners alike offering custom boxes designed for the unique shape of their products. Whether shipping straight to customers’ doors, enhancing the in-store shopping process, or beautifying the presentation of wine bottle in a tasting room, custom wine boxes serve many purposes. This is part of a larger movement towards more creative and oftentimes sustainable packaging, which is found in many retail industries today. Keep reading to learn more about how custom wine boxes are making a big splash with vintners and their customers.

Potential Purposes of Custom Wine Boxes
Vintners may supply their tasting room with boxes that hold up to 12 bottles so customers can walk away knowing their purchase is safe and organized. Supermarkets and bottle shops also often provide this type of box, as well as various other packaging materials, for customers making large wine purchases in their stores. Many wine makers also offer customers unique gift boxes so they can present a bottle of wine to a friend, loved one, or business associate in style. Custom wine boxes are designed in different shapes to accommodate the variations in bottle size and design, as wine bottles may be sold in bocksbeutel, Bordeaux, and burgundy bottles, which differ in height and diameter. The un-wrapping experience can truly create a more ceremonious atmosphere whether opening a gift, receiving a package in the mail, or digging into a delicious bottle of wine you bought yourself as a treat.

The Possibilities of a Custom Wine Box
Wine boxes are available in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes, so whatever shape your wine bottles are you can create the perfect vessel to ship and present them in. Custom box manufacturers offer various possibilities for color and tone as well, with the Pantone Matching System printing process. Custom wine boxes are also typically available in premium stock, card stock, cover card stock, and corrugated stock, so you can find the right combination of size, color, and thickness depending on your needs, goals, and budget. Vintners may also incorporate custom graphic design and gloss or matte lamination into their wine boxes.

How to Order Wine Boxes to Suit Your Needs
Whether you are a wine maker or you sell wine in a grocery store, tasting room, bottle shop, or online, you can enhance the customer experience by offering beautiful, durable, and creatively designed boxes to your customers. Just make sure you know what kind of boxes you need, what your goals are, and how many boxes you require. First, make sure to consider the shape and size you require for the bottle you sell. Then think about the colors and designs that will make your product stand out and create a positive brand experience for customers. You’ll want to be sure to consider what kind of cardboard will best suit your needs, goals, and budget, and how many boxes you’ll need to serve your purpose. You may want to also determine what other packing materials you’ll need. Then you can place your order for custom boxes knowing your customers are going to be happy.

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