Custom Boxes With a Logo

A custom logo box or packaging helps you with branding and gets customers excited about your product. Sure, you could ship your products in a plain box, but your items and customers deserve the very best. If you want to create a customized and special experience for customers from the very moment they get your item, custom packaging with a logo and branding design can help.  

What Custom Logo-Printed Boxes Can Do for Your Business

Custom luxury boxes with your logo help your business succeed by:

  • Boosting branding. Your logo and colors on your packaging help reinforce branding in customers’ minds. Branded boxes also keep your logo and colors consistent with your online and in-store materials.
  • Bringing the unboxing experience to life. Branded boxes make unboxing so exciting that your customers may share their experience online or reorder for more fun.
  • Making packaging exciting. With colors, photos, logos, text, images and even interior design elements, customization makes your packaging exciting for your customer.
  • Giving you a chance to make more sales. Premium packaging makes your brand memorable, and maybe something customers want to tell others about. Plus, you get a chance to impress everyone who sees the packaging, including casual passersby and the mail delivery person.
  • Making you stand out. In a competitive market, beautiful branded boxes and packaging make your product stand out. They also show that you care about the details.
  • Pampering your customers. The world’s best-known luxury brands pay a lot of attention to packaging because they know it enhances customer experience. You can give your own customers the same luxury experience and make them feel like VIPs.
  • Making your product ready for business. With branded packaging, you can include specs, bar codes, product codes and any important symbols. This may help you stay compliant with local rules and ensure your item is ready for sale.
  • Encouraging reorders. You can print reorder information, a promo code or offer right on the packaging, giving customers a reason to hang onto the box and order again.
  • Giving customers information. If you print on recycled paper or use eco-friendly products, you can represent this on your boxes and packaging with a logo familiar to customers. Whether buyers are looking for gluten-free products or something else, having the right logos on your packaging helps them find you.

What Will Your Logo Boxes Look Like?

You likely already put your logo everywhere, including on your website, emails and correspondence. Making sure your logo is on beautifully designed custom shipping boxes and packaging just makes sense.

Whether you’re selling your products in stores or online, the right packaging and shipping boxes with logos and designs help make your product eye-catching and appealing to customers. Great boxes elevate your product and help you make sales.

Custom Boxes Now! makes it easy to design quality premium boxes and packaging — just go to our online box builder to get started. Do you have any questions? You can always contact us for help.

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