Custom Boxes Now Honors iFixit as the Client of the Month

While each of our clients is special to us, we occasionally honor a customer who has made a real and positive impression on the Custom Boxes Now team. Our client of the month for this July is iFixit, the leading source for free repair advice and affordable parts and tools on the Internet.

Community members share their expertise in a wide range of technical fields, allowing others to benefit from their knowledge and experience and supplementing limited or nonexistent technical support provided by manufacturers and retailers. This cooperative approach to repair and maintenance information has made iFixit a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers across the country.

Customized Packaging for Bundled Products

The sales and marketing team at iFixit put together a combination bundle to sell to members at a significantly discounted price:

  • The Pro Magnetic Project Mat allows consumers to manage parts and tools and organize processes easily and effectively. Metal parts stick to the magnetic pad, while a dry-erase marker allows notes and comments to stick around for as long as they are needed.
  • The Pro Tech Toolkit from iFixit includes 70 tools specifically selected as the most useful and practical tools for common computer and laptop repair needs.

Custom Boxes Now was contacted by iFixit to design a cost-effective, lightweight shipping box solution using specific criteria:

  • The shipping box must be designed to comply with U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail requirements for the 0.2 cubic foot rate.
  • Both items must fit securely and safely within the box.

No commercially available shipping solutions met these two criteria; as a result, iFixit contacted the team at Custom Boxes Now to determine if a viable and cost-effective solution could be achieved for this combination bundle. Our team immediately went to work to determine the most effective ways to approach this problem.

A Custom-Made Shipping Solution
After extensive consultations with staff members at iFixit, we came up with a custom-sized box that incorporated thinner cardboard and accommodated the required items easily. Custom Boxes Now was also able to print iFixit logos and branding information on the box to create a unique and memorable packaging solution for this shipping challenge. The custom-sized box saved iFixit approximately $4.50 in postage costs per package, making this a sound investment for the organization and for the members who purchased this discounted package.

By working together with the staff of iFixit, we were able to resolve their shipping issues quickly and in a cost-effective way. Custom Boxes Now named iFixit our client of the month to honor their positive attitude and assistance throughout our design and fabrication process. We look forward to the opportunity to work with iFixit in the future and to design custom shipping boxes perfectly suited to their needs.

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