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No matter where a person may look it is inevitable that they will likely see an advertisement for something. It may be a commercial on television, the newest cell phone service on a billboard sign, or sales for grocery stores in the local newspaper and often times they may not even realize it is an advertisement. Advertising is a persuasive message by a sponsor that has been paid for by a business or company in order to inform the public, existing and potential customers, of a new product or service available to them. By advertising a company can generate more traffic which in turn will help increase sales.

There are many ways to advertise that have proven to be very effective.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is also known as outdoor advertising. While traveling down the interstate this advertisement method can be found all over the place. Billboard advertisements can also be found throughout towns and cities. They are large advertisements usually placed on a large sign off the ground that can be seen at quite a distance.

Celebrity Branding

People pay attention to celebrities. They copy their hairstyles, their clothing style, and admire them for what they do. Using a celebrity to endorse an organization’s product or service is called celebrity branding. For instance, consider George Foreman infomercials while he sells the foreman grill.

Classified Advertising

Classified ads are small ads placed in newspapers, in the back pages of magazines, and online. They use a short amount of wording to offer a product or service and also provide contact information. The ads are typically grouped together under listings for general employment, medical employment, yard sales, etc. These are the most inexpensive way to advertise and in many cases are placed by individuals rather than big businesses.


Crowdsourcing involves outsourcing tasks to an undefined group of people in a community through an open call. Those most fit to solve problems, perform tasks, and contribute are gathered together to create the best solution.

Global Advertising

Global advertising has four business objectives that need to be balanced when developing a worldwide advertising campaign. They need to build a brand but continue speaking with one voice, develop economies of scale, maximize local effectiveness of ads and increase the company’s implementation speed.

In-Store Advertising

In-store advertising is done through stickers advertising a two-for-one sale or on displays. It’s a way to catch the shopper’s eye and make them curious about the product in hopes that they will purchase it.


Meta-advertising is ad advertising for another advertisement. For instance, an advertiser will advertise for viewers to watch for a new product of advertisement coming soon.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a subset of a product of service. Its aim is designed for specific marketing needs such as price, production, and demographics. It’s a way to directly cater to the consumer providing them with exactly what they want or need.

Press Advertising

Press advertising simply describes advertising in the printed form. This includes newspapers, magazines, etc. Press advertising encompasses a broad readership base but can also include

Product Placements

Product placements are a way to get a product or service out to an audience without directly advertising. For instance, when watching a television show and one of the characters is seen drinking a Coke rather than the product being covered up with a generic name that is considered product placement.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the promotion of products and services done through the internet or web. These advertisements can be seen on banner ads, contextual ads, email marketing, spam, and through social networking. The internet expands more and more and by using online advertising businesses have the opportunity to reach the global market.

Radio Advertising

Radio generates revenue by selling ad spots to businesses. The spots are provided when the business pays the station in exchange for being mentioned over the air. Many people feel that listening to ads in exchange for being provided free music is a good deal and do not mind. Once a business considers all of all the people the message reaches on their commute to and from work they will realize this is a great way for businesses to get a message out about their product or service.

Shock Advertising

Shock advertising is done in order to scare or offend a person. This advertising method goes beyond the norm and acceptable advertising methods in order to make a strong and valid point. Consider some of the shocking advertisements such as suggestive sexual content and nudity. Shock advertising is just that, it shocks the viewer and either makes a very strong statement that sticks with them or scares them into action.

Television Advertising

When an organization wants to convey a message they pay for and produce a commercial or segment on television such as infomercials. Most television advertisement spots are brief being that they are usually produced in a thirty-second time frame. Advertising had taken place on television ever since the television was invented and is a tried and true way to get a message out. Some organizations pay a pretty penny just to get a spot during the Super Bowl because this event alone typically has over 100 million viewers.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the use of pre-existing social networks to increase or produce brand awareness. This marketing technique can take place as videos, ebooks, interactive flash games, text messages, etc. The objective of this tactic is to give the right message to the right messenger in the right environment. If it is the message the marketer is trying to send out will can be received my millions.

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