Brands Now Tell Us When the Holiday Season Begins

Adding a seasonal touch to your shipping boxes can help your customers get into the holiday spirit and can boost your image among all those who come into contact with your packages. Images and graphics that remind your clients of the harvest season, Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays can significantly boost the eye appeal of your shipping boxes and containers. Investing in custom made boxes can help your company boost its visibility and reputation among your most likely customers. Here are five of the most innovative and colorful ideas for your fall shipments.

#1. It’s Brighter on the Inside
Even the most humdrum box can be revitalized with a burst of brilliant color on the inside. This hidden delight is designed to target your current customers and can increase brand loyalty among these consumers. By varying the interior color throughout the year, you can add a subtle seasonal touch that your regular customers will notice and appreciate.

#2. Upgrade to Bright White
Choosing corrugated cardboard boxes with bright white exteriors can make pastel colors pop and can provide welcome contrast even for black-and-white or single color printing. By investing a little more of your marketing budget in the packaging used to deliver your products, you can ensure maximum impact for your shipments as they travel to their intended destinations.

#3. Direct Print and Save
By printing directly on your corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, you can save a considerable amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on affixing lithography prints to the outside of your container. Cardboard is an ideal surface for full-color printing and can showcase your company and your products to best effect while providing real protection against bumps and jolts during shipping and delivery.

#4. Reverse-Out for Greater Impact
One-color reverse-out printing designs can allow you to make an elegant statement without breaking your packaging budget. Rather than printing logos and text on your boxes, you can cover the exterior with a brilliant and seasonal hue. Your graphic designs will actually remain unprinted and pristine white to create an eye-catching degree of contrast for your shipping containers.

#5. More Colors for High-End Appeal
Custom Boxes Now can also create premium printed boxes for a sophisticated and elegant look. While these printing processes take long and cost more, they can be well worth it for companies seeking to launch a new product line or to highlight items sent out on a regular basis. Investing in high-quality multicolor printing can pay off in increased revenues and improved visibility throughout the holiday season.

Custom Boxes Now is an established leader in the packaging and shipping box field. By entrusting your project to our highly trained professionals, you can enjoy the fastest turnaround times and the most appealing designs for all your shipping and packaging needs.

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