Behind the Trend of ‘Unboxing Videos’ and Brand Marketing

If you have a teenager at home, or if you’re simply really into the wormhole known as YouTube, chances are you’ve run across unboxing Videos. Incredibly popular across all age and product ranges, these videos consist of popular “vloggers” showing their followers the arrival and packaging of a coveted product, and unwrapping it for their viewers. It’s a way to recreate the excitement of making a purchase for everyone watching.

Enhance the unboxing experience for your customers with custom printed shipping boxes (Image from

But unboxing videos are far from just a passing fad. According to CNN, the number of YouTube videos with “unboxing” in the video title has increased by 871%. So how can you harness that power for your own products? Here, we’ll show you how to tap into the market through the use of custom print boxes, and discuss how you can harness the power of unboxing videos for brand awareness.

How to Customize Your Brand’s Box for Unboxing Videos

Tip #1: Keep It Simple
In a world where everything is digital, over-hyped, and always taken to the maximum level, sometimes relying on the strength of your brand’s name and the products themselves can make you stand out. A minimalistic, simple packaging design tells customers that you’ve already established yourself and have a large following. Simple packaging says you don’t need to “sell” your product, you’re just inviting shoppers to take part in an experience they likely have already heard about. Little do customers know that minimalist packaging can also help to cut down on costs! All they see is a sleek, clean package that speaks to the integrity of what’s inside. Check out some of our favorite examples of minimalist packaging here.

Tip #2: Make It Personal
Online shopping means that more people than ever have the opportunity to own your products. Many times, shoppers can feel as though without the in-store experience, the company they frequently shop at doesn’t know who they are and how much they care about your brand. Packaging can help to change that, and can let your customers know you’re thinking about them and that you appreciate their business! Especially if you’re a smaller shop, taking the time to personalize (even if it’s just the first name of a client!) your packaging can really help to boost brand loyalty. Why not include a hand-written card, or stamp a shopper’s name on the interior of a package? If you know they have a birthday coming up, write a special note. If you don’t have the time to personalize everything that you ship out, include a broader message, like “We think these will look awesome on you!” Your customers will love the confidence boost, and will likely be curious as to what the next “note” will be!

Tip #3: Make The Cut
Now that you know how custom packaging can impact the customer, let’s take it to the unboxing level. Think of every person who views a vlogger’s YouTube unboxing video as a potential customer. Often, these vloggers are seen as the authority, someone who is willing to make a purchase to act as the “tester” for the rest of your market. Not everyone can afford to buy everything they want, so they rely on these YouTubers to tell them what products are worth pursuing. These videos tell potential customers which brands care about the buying experience from start to finish – proven by the thought they put into their packaging.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’re inspired to encourage your shoppers to create a hashtag for your brand! We’d love to see some of your examples. Feel free to send them our way, and keep reading our blog for more amazing packaging ideas.

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