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Fun With Boxes: Cardboard Arts and Crafts For The Little Ones

Cardboard is the single-biggest component of solid, municipal waste across the entire world. This alone makes it extremely important to recycle cardboard, whether it is on an individual scale at home or on a bigger scale in the form of an industrial level. It’s important that even kids start learning how to recycle cardboard as early as possible. Even though recycling can be seen as a duty or a chore, kids can use cardboard in a fun way by making things out of it. The following is a super comprehensive guide about cardboard arts and crafts for kids.


  • Cardboard Crafts Projects Page: Resource page that provides kids with a good many cardboard arts and crafts projects.

  • Bird Supply Box: Instructions on how kids can make a bird supply box from the cardboard of milk cartons.

  • Box Barn Instructions: Guide for kids on how they can make a box barn out of cardboard.

  • Cardboard Bulletin Board: Instructions on how kids can make a bulletin board by using some cardboard as the foundation.

  • Cardboard Dragon Instructions: Webpage that details how a class of kids built a cardboard dragon also provides the steps on how to recreate it.

  • Robotic Hand Project: Instructions on how kids can build a robotic hand using only cardboard and other easy materials.

  • Egg Carton Cat Project: Webpage that gives instructions on how kids can make a cat by using some cardboard egg cartons.

  • Boomerang: Webpage that contains directions on how kids can make a boomerang out of their favorite, cardboard cereal box.

  • Making a Cardboard Castle: Cardboard castle project is detailed, including step-by-step instructions for kids to follow along with.

  • Cardboard Castle Playhouse: Webpage for a cardboard castle playhouse that kids can paint and decorate as they see fit.

  • Cardboard and Paper Projects Book: Book that is great for smaller children, which guides them on these crafts.

  • Cardboard Recycling Project Ideas: Ideas on how to use cardboard and cardboard boxes into a variety of easy-to-use objects.


  • Cardboard Arts and Crafts Resource Page: Resource page that provides teachers with all manner of arts and crafts projects that use cardboard.

  • Sandals from Cardboard: From the Disney website come instructions on making sandals from cardboard, which teachers can use in an arts and crafts project in class.

  • Ideas: Webpage that features ideas on what teachers can use cardboard for in class, including for pets or costumes.

  • Incubator Project: Suggestion for teachers on how to use cardboard in making an incubator for eggs.

  • Cardboard Castle: Lesson plan for teachers that features the use of cardboard in having students design their own castle.

  • Cardboard Projects Tome: Book that teachers can use to get ideas on how things that are sometimes thrown away—like cardboard—can be reused for arts and crafts projects.

  • Cardboard Projects for Environmentalists: Resource page that provides several ideas on how teachers can use cardboard in environmentally friendly arts and crafts projects.

  • Thanksgiving Cardboard Projects: Ideas for teachers on how they can use cardboard in Thanksgiving projects for their students.

  • Thanksgiving Place Card Holders: Webpage that explains how kids can make Thanksgiving place card holders, a useful activity that teachers can tie into the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Toilet Paper Turkey: Easy cardboard craft project that features a toilet paper roll as the basis for creating a makeshift turkey, which, again, teachers can tie into the holiday for a lesson.

  • Thanksgiving Day Mayflower: Teachers can build a lesson around having their students make this easy Thanksgiving Day craft.

  • Pilgrim Hat: Yet another Thanksgiving Day project that teachers can use with their students, this one involving cardboard paper towel tubes to make pilgrim hats.

  • Recycled Cardboard Project: Project that involves the use of recycled cardboard in order to make a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

  • Native American Craft Idea: Webpage that features instructions for a Native American craft project that makes use of cardboard paper towel tubes.


  • Frame for Special Occasions: Instructions on how parents can supervise their kids in making an odds and ends frame that can be used for occasions like Father’s Day.

  • Home Shadow Puppet Activity: From Scholastic comes instructions on how to build a shadow puppet stage out of cardboard, for use in the home.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas: Ideas for kids’ costumes for Halloween make use of cardboard, which should give parents a lot to work with.

  • Cardboard Book: Book that features many project ideas that incorporate cardboard in some way, shape or form.

  • Make-it-with-Cardboard Book: Another book that can give parents ideas on what to make with their kids, using cardboard.

  • Cardboard Box Fun: Ideas for parents on how to incorporate cardboard boxes as arts and crafts projects for their kids.

  • Cardboard Box Table: Building a table from old cardboard, a project that parents can use to get closer to their kids.

  • Cardboard Castle Procedure: Procedure for cardboard castle construction that features a step-by-step layout, which parents can use in a joint project with their kids.

  • Turkey Plant Pole: Webpage that features instructions on how parents and kids can make a turkey plant pole out of corrugated cardboard.

  • List of Cardboard Crafts: Webpage that features a list of cardboard crafts that parents can do with their kids.

  • Crafts for Children Book: Book that features a myriad of arts and crafts-related ideas that parents can take to their kids.

  • Crafts Resource Webpage: Webpage that features a lot of cardboard-based arts and crafts for parents to do with their kids.

  • Cardboard Projects for Children: In-depth list of cardboard projects for children that parents will also find fun.

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