The Science to Picking the Right Box for the Right Item

Whether you package and/or ship your products in plain brown corrugated carton boxes, colorful shoe boxes, slotted containers, die cut custom boxes, full overlap boxes or any other variety of cardboard container, you should always be certain that you are using the right box for the job. This isn’t just a guessing game, either. There is actual science to choosing and designing the right box for a consumer product, whether it’s being shipped straight to customers’ homes or to retail shelves. Here we’ll explain how picking just the right (corrugated carton) boxes for the right items really is an exact science, using scientific technology companies as an example.

The Problem with One-Size-Fits-All Boxes
As a consumer, you’ve probably ordered something online only to find that it arrives in a box that is either way too big or way too small. Neither of these options are desirable. Using boxes that are larger than needed means wasting time and money on additional labor and protective supplementary packaging, and may incur additional fees due to weight and size minimums from UPS or FedEx. Using boxes that are too small, on the other hand, not only puts your products in danger, but also looks bad for everyone who sees and/or handles the package. But there are solutions, using science as the answer.

Example of Perfect Packaging from a Biotech Company

One company specializing in biological supplies can serve as an example of choosing boxes with the same kind of exacting science as one would use while designing biotech products. Shipping things like beakers, dissection specimens, experiment kits, lab instruments, and live products such as butterflies and fish is a delicate business. But by splitting the products into three categories (dissection specimens, lab kits, and live products) they were able to streamline their box selection process without losing focus. Each division only has to worry about the boxes for their range of products, which tend to be more similar to one another than other products, so each division’s box range includes only a few basic variations.

The Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Boxes Based on Science
There are many benefits to carefully choosing your range of corrugated cardboard boxes and working with a box supplier that enables creative design within multiple variations. Two benefits are most important to consider, though:

  • Thanks to the reduced amount of air and package filling in each box, the dimensional weight – and related cost of shipping – automatically goes down. And cutting costs is almost always a good thing, no matter what business you’re in.
  • With less unnecessary packaging, customers aren’t as concerned about your footprint in their effort to “go green.” While before customers may have been saddened by your oversized packages and wasted filling, now they can be assured you’re not wasting a thing.

At the end of the day, using the right size box also reduces the likelihood of damage to products, since they’ll fit snuggly (but not too tightly) with just a bit of filling. It’s a win-win-win.

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