The Latest Trends in Branding and Packaging

Trends in product branding and packaging are always evolving to keep up with the times and align with consumer expectations. From logos, brand imaging and color schemes to packaging, manufacturing and advertising methods, there are many factors you must consider to stay competitive in our consumer-driven society. The 21st century has seen numerous shifts in how companies brand and package their products, and as 2014 rolls on there are several new trends taking the retail world by storm. Here are 4 of the biggest branding and packaging developments worth taking note of:

  • Accommodations for the Aging Population
    The continued growth of our aging population, not only in the U.S. but across the globe, is one of the biggest influences on branding, packaging and product design. As baby boomers and subsequent generations continue reaching and surpassing retirement age, with medical advances allowing people to live longer and healthier, senior consumers cannot be ignored. This has led to an increase in easy-to-open packages, easy-to-read text and fonts on product packaging and more products that are designed with the concerns of aging individuals in mind.
  • Increased Convenience and Mobility
    Products and packaging that make life more convenient have been popular for generations, and nowadays that means being mobile. Of course, we all know the importance of mobility in computers, phones and other electronics, but this consumer trend goes far beyond our smartphones and tablets. The surge in products designed with convenience and mobility in mind can be seen in the prepared food market, for example, with more foods designed to be taken on the go or easily prepared at home by adding a few simple, fresh ingredients. Consumers also don’t want to sacrifice quality and competitive pricing for convenience and mobility, leaving retailers and manufacturers with a tall order—but not an impossible feat to accomplish.
  • New Packaging Options for Liquids
    From juice, soups and coffees to wine, energy drinks and even baby food, there are more options than ever before when it comes to packaging liquid products. Flexible packaging seems to be at the forefront of the liquid packaging market at the moment, with high-quality films, pouches and dispensers, and overall designs that are more convenient, portable and ready-to-use. Glass, aluminum and plastic are certainly not the only options for the packaging of liquids anymore.
  • Sustainable Packaging and Eco-Friendly Branding
    Consumers are more aware of the need to protect our environment than ever before, and many people are more likely to buy a product if they believe the packaging is sustainable and the company that produces it is considered “eco-friendly.” We are seeing more sustainable and biodegradable packaging choices, including more flexible materials and minimal packaging designs. Any shifts in manufacturing and packaging must be visible to the consumers to have a positive impact on public perceptions and sales figures, though, which means rebranding efforts must be part of the equation.

These are only a few of the most important shifts in product branding and packaging, of course. Retail giants must always be on the lookout for such trends to stay ahead of the curve.