The Art of Marketing, Promoting, and Branding Through Package Design

Branding and packaging design are more intertwined than ever. All you need to do is look at some of the latest electronic offerings to see how companies are using the package to market and promote their brand. While most of us know how much effort Apple puts into its packaging, they are far from the only brand doing innovative things in this area. Here we will discuss some other fine examples of creative packaging for a variety of products that went the extra mile.

The bike messenger bags from Incase’s Courier Collection are sold in rectangular boxes that conjure up images of the sort of packages a messenger might deliver. With string enclosing the edges through button tie closures, and a mix of rawness and elegance, it is a very apt package for the product being sold.

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While Apple has made itself famous through its branding, largely due to their carefully crafted advertisements but also due to their impeccably-designed “un-packaging experience,” Innolab has also set itself apart with innovative packaging design and inventive labels for its brand of iPhone accessories.

Inq Mobile
INQ Mobile designed a beautiful box for its INQ1 product, encouraging customers to keep the package their product comes in rather than throw it away. The box is designed with bright colors and modern styling, making it a work of art in and of itself, and enticing customers to buy the company’s handsets almost as much for the artwork as for the product itself.

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Microsoft Office for Mac
Microsoft hasn’t always been known for its packaging, as the company has long focused more on its products. That is beginning to change, though, as evidenced in the package design for the Office for Mac products in recent years. The 2011 packaging set a new precedent and the company has been innovating its packaging ever since.

The design team behind jKaczmarek has been responsible for some recent packaging designs for Sony, which utilized acetate sleeves that are both functional and stylish in a way that reflects the shape of the products inside.

We all know the timeless elegance of Timex watches, but the brand hasn’t always been known as much for its boxes. Atlason has designed products as well as packaging from its Manhattan studio, and in recent years designed boxes for the Timex watches being sold in Target stores.

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Believe it or not, the Zune still exists, and the packaging for these MP3 players may actually be beginning to rival that of its main competitor, Apple. The company once relied on clamshell packaging, but more recent designs have made better use of the available space and made it easier for consumers to open the package and unfold the accompanying literature.

Packaging is much more than just a means of holding and protecting products for sale nowadays. It is an art form with a variety of benefits for marketing, promotional, and branding efforts. There’s no telling where the worlds of branding and packaging design will take us next. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.