5 Reasons Why Plain Packaging May be Selling Your Products Short


Are you using custom boxes for shipping your products? Whether you send your products directly to customers, or to other businesses, the packaging you ship them in can have a huge influence on your marketing and branding efforts. Custom corrugated boxes in particular offer a number of unique benefits that are well worth the investment. Here are five reasons why companies like yours may be missing huge opportunities if you are still packaging your products in plain, unadorned boxes.

  1. Be Professional – What’s Your Packaging Implying?
    Custom boxes can help you attain a much more professional image. Your customers don’t necessarily know whether you run your business from your living room or a huge manufacturing plant, but the packaging that arrives can provide a sense of a well-established firm. Whatever the case, you can print things like a logo, company address, or directions for how to use the product.
  1. Dress to Impress – Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make That First Impression
    A plain brown box without any text, shapes, designs, or artwork will never impress anyone. You can express many things with a stunning, printed design. Incorporating your company’s core values into your package design will always have a more stunning and memorable result in the eyes of customers. In the best case scenario, your customers will even be tempted to keep and reuse the box. This is the ultimate opportunity for elongated exposure to your brand.
  2. Promote Your Brand – The No Brainer
    Even if your products come in a carefully designed package, you’re selling them short if you don’t use equally artful shipping boxes. The reason is simple: only the recipient will see the product once they open the shipping box, but countless people will see that shipping box in transit. Just consider a recent story about FedEx packages flying onto a New Jersey highway after a shipping truck overturned. Everyone who watched the footage of packages spilling onto the highway just 10 days before Christmas saw mounds of boxes, many of which were plain and brown.
  3. Protect Your Products – A Step Beyond the Aesthetics
    High-quality corrugated board, the kind typically used for custom shipping boxes, offers an extra layer of protection you won’t find if you buy a bulk order of boxes directly off the shelf. And since you will always have the right size box for the shipment, there won’t be too much extra space for the product to move around and incur damage.
  4. Vary Your Sizes – One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All
    Ordering custom boxes to ship your products not only gives you more flexibility in terms of design, but also in sizing. If you send shipments of various sizes, you will not want to use the same box every time because you will inevitably waste a lot of packaging every time you ship a small order. Even if you saved money on the one-size-fits-all boxes, you will waste money on packing and shipping. Not to mention how unprofessional this tactic tends to look.

With all things considered, there’s really no great excuse not to use custom boxes for shipping in this day and age. To learn more start here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.