More Custom Box Examples by Box Style & Print

The more custom shipping boxes we create, the brighter and friendlier the world of business becomes. Our high-quality corrugated packing boxes, combined with your company’s logo printed in high-quality color and definition, create a memorable experience for end-customers. Here are a few more examples of dynamic print jobs from Custom Boxes Now! for some of our favorite customers:

Trans Pecos used a black-on-white style for high contrast to get their brand to pop.
Here is a custom one-color print (black) on two sides of a standard strength white/kraft regular slotted container (RSC) style box.
White print on brown kraft boxes are simultaneously subtle and eye-catching.
This custom one-color print (opaque white) on four sides of a kraft/kraft standard strength RSC style box gives Campus Snackboxes’ brand a cool elegance.</
Two colors appear to be three with clever printing methods, adding more value at lower cost.
Check out this custom two color print for MSU Alumni Association – dark green and olive green – on two sides of a white/kraft standard strength RSC. We reversed-out the text and logo to achieve a three-color look. Two colors appear to be three with clever printing methods, adding more value at lower cost.
Borestore boxes employ two contrasting colors, black and white, with a third color for accent and emphasis.
Here we have two colors (yellow and black) directly printed on all four sides of a standard strength white/kraft RSC style box.
Kona Kase uses two hot colors with white text for a highly dramatic effect.
This is a die-cut C-series packing box, custom printed with two colors and reversed out text on white/kraft, again achieving a three-color look.
This box uses four colors in cleverly contrasting juxtapositions, giving the illusion of having more than just four simple colors.
Sage Spoonfuls went all-out with a four-color process litho laminated on a standard strength die-cut C-series box. Their design is colorful, eye-catching and visually informative.

We’re pretty proud of the shipping boxes we’re able to create for our clients. Their shipments pop, dazzle, inform, and project confidence in their products. If you’d like to talk to someone about creating your own custom print shipping boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also use our Custom Box Configurator.