Dress Your Apparel Items for Success With Custom Shipping Boxes

If you own a clothing store, you probably already know that people will select the clothing brand that most closely fits with their own lifestyle. They buy from you because they identify with your brand, respect what you have to say and feel that they can express themselves the most authentically when wearing your pieces. In a store, the way you display your items and the specific outfits you choose to put on mannequins can make your aesthetic clear—but how do you translate that same experience to your shipping boxes? It’s easy: by making custom shipping boxes for apparel that are just as unique and on-brand as the clothes themselves. Read on to scoop up some new ideas.

Roll It Up
Cairo-based clothing company Don & Brook came up with one of our favorite shipping ideas—they decided to roll up their t-shirts and blouses, and ship them in tube containers. Not only is this a great way to prevent wrinkles, but the tube is also a lot less cumbersome than those giant, square-shaped boxes that are just way too bulky for the product inside. Plus, the brand’s black and white zigzagged logo, which is wrapped around the tube, is sure to catch everyone’s eyes, making this innovative packaging design a branding dream.

Handle It
For clothing with a minimalist, clean aesthetic, sometimes packaging that serves a dual purpose can make a big statement. For an update on the brown paper package or bag, why not add handles to your shipping boxes or pouches? It not only makes carrying your goods across town and up the stairs a whole lot easier, it also gives that utilitarian look that’s so in demand right now. You can create handles that are collapsible, so your customers can quickly pull out and fold it together once their package arrives. Trust us, they’ll thank you for making their lives easier.

Create A Look Your Clients Will Connect With
If you’re selling smaller accessories, like ties or scarves, your customers will often be wondering what to pair them with in their own closets. Push them in the right direction by creating a “look” out of packaging: a cardboard shirt and suit drawn or printed onto your packaging, with your cloth tie or silk scarf in the middle. Make sure to pick only the most flattering colors, depending on the print and pattern of the item you’re shipping. Avoid any potential for the shock of clashing colors. Think of yourself as your customer’s personal shopper. Even if you’re just putting a single, not to mention cardboard, outfit together. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for a shout out on a social media account (be sure to create a special hashtag to encourage your customers to share), but it’s also sure to inspire. Most important of all, however, is that it’s simply a lot of fun—a little something extra that’s bound to excite both your employees and customers!

Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut with your shipping options. Make your packaging a must-have this season, and turn your cardboard into your catwalk.

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