College Finals Survival Care Packages

Sending your college student a much-needed care package has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if your child has just entered college, is enduring finals week, or is finishing up their final semester, a care package from home is always appreciated — and shows you how much you are thinking of them. Whether you’re shipping basic essentials, food you’ve made yourself, or just want to send a random gift, durable, corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are a must. Read on to discover of some of the most desired items to surprise your college student with — and tips on how to pack them safely!

What To Pack
Try to send thoughtful, loving gifts you know your college student will love:

  • their favorite cookies or candy
  • the gum they love
  • snacks for late-night studying
  • a gift card to their favorite restaurant in their college town

For a “practical” package, we recommend:

  • school supplies
  • toiletries
  • laundry detergent (don’t forget to throw in a few rolls of quarters)
  • hair ties
  • trash bags and cleaning supplies (a little encouragement never hurt anyone)
  • socks
  • extra supplies of basic medications — aspirin, cold and flu medication during flu season, or Band-Aids are always a good idea

If your student has a birthday coming up, why not send:

  • a gift certificate to the movies
  • party hats and other supplies
  • if you’re feeling generous, a surprise plane ticket home

For your athlete:

  • hand warmers
  • protein powders
  • energy bars
  • bandages
  • cooling packs
  • protective gear
  • small gifts for other team members are always a hit

How To Pack It!
There’s nothing worse than receiving a crushed package filled with broken or squashed items. Corrugated shipping boxes ensure that your items arrive in one piece, regardless of what you’re shipping, how far away your child’s campus is from home, or what the weather forecast is predicting. There are even insulated shipping boxes if you want to send homemade loaves of bread or other perishable items — because let’s face it, they’re tired of eating ramen. It’s always fun to order a custom-printed package or box to celebrate a birthday, wish them luck on a big exam, or honor their school sports team. Show your kids you’re “in the know” about the current unboxing trend. You always go the extra mile for your children. Make sure your packages do, too.

You remember how much simple, unexpected gifts from your parents meant to you when you were a college student. Show your kids you care by creating a fun, themed box for them, and filling it with items that offer a little portable TLC. They might actually start returning your phone calls — or even call you to say thank you.

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