Five Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes: Why These Shipping Solutions Are Here to Stay

Custom corrugated boxes for shipping have been a staple of the packaging industry for decades. These sturdy boxes can stand up to repeated bumps and impacts to protect their contents against damage, making them a cost-effective and lightweight way to ship items across town or across the country. While technological advances have changed many parts of the distribution and supply chain, these custom cardboard boxes continue to serve as the industry standard for shipping. Here are five reasons that custom boxes are here to stay.

#1. Right-Sized Packaging Makes Financial Sense
Boxes too large for the items they hold require added packing material to prevent unwanted shifts and damage to contents. Over time, this added weight and paper consumption can generate significant costs for companies and can increase the environmental impact of their operations. By choosing custom shipping boxes, companies can more easily manage packaging for a wide range of items while keeping costs to a reasonable level.

#2. Dimensional Weight Pricing
Nearly all major freight carriers and package delivery companies now use dimensional weight pricing for their ground shipments. Also known as cube weight or volumetric weight, this pricing scheme penalizes companies that routinely ship items in large boxes regardless of the size of the contents. By making a small investment in a range of box sizes, manufacturers and distributors can reduce the cost of shipping via most major carriers in the U.S.

#3. Enhanced Value Perception among Consumers and Retailers
Custom boxes can create a positive impression on consumers at every step of the distribution chain. Well-designed and visually attractive boxes can provide valuable support for your branding efforts while increasing the perceived value of your products among those most likely to buy them in the future. This enhanced market position can also carry over into your retail displays. Improved shipment packaging can create a more positive impression on retailers. This can lead to more prominent placement for your in-store displays and increased negotiating power regarding the most coveted end-cap unit locations.

#4. Advertising at No Extra Cost
Custom boxes can be printed to carry marketing messages designed to appeal to your most important target audiences. By taking advantage of this nearly free advertising opportunity, companies can often reach new demographics and new customers without spending a single additional penny on advertising campaigns. The increased revenues achieved through these means can more than make up for the added costs of custom printed boxes for shipping.

#5. Faster Turnaround Times for Consumer Orders
Maintaining an extensive selection of custom corrugated boxes for shipping can reduce the time needed to pack orders and to ship them out to consumers. This can make a positive impression on new customers while enhancing satisfaction among your current clientele.

By working with the dedicated professionals at Custom Boxes Now, your company can enjoy the ongoing advantages of custom shipping boxes at surprisingly affordable prices. We will work with you to determine the best solutions for your company and to deliver the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes for all your shipping needs.

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